Professional Consultant Team
Solution and matching service

Great Service

Industrial automation professional consulting, improve manufacturing, reduce risk


Industrial automation request,
match customers and system integrator to provide the best solution

Module Solution

Solution with success reference

Industrial solution conference

To improve the contact and technical

Industrial Education

Training or speech


Provide solution advice

Industrial News

International automation


Improve manufacturing

Remote monitoring

gateway and simple setting
Reduce the cost of travel

Process management

Installed the module on machine
Know the capacity of the equipment

Smart building

Sensors with BIM platform,
inspection function
Provide intelligent management of buildings

Energy saving

Monitor current through the sensor
Data analysis to assist customers with energy saving solutions

Smart agriculture

Monitoring and environmental condition control
Effectively improve the management of the greenhouse

Smart fishery

Monitoring and environmental condition control
Can effectively improve the management of aquaculture

Equipment prevention and monitoring

Vibration or temperature sensors,
Monitor the immediate condition of the motor
Avoid losses caused by downtime

Visual inspection

Visual inspection replaces human eye recognition
Improve quality control efficiency

Service Process

Solve the pain points of contracting, we guarantee that you have never felt so full

  • Technical consulting

    Industrial system consultant

    If you are not familiar with system or industrial technology,
    consultant of the platform can answer initially

  • Automation request finding outsourcing

    Apply for an account, upload requirements

    Login to the platform to upload specifications, budget, delivery, and images
    It will be reviewed by a professional person and passed to the system integrator of similar industries and locations.

  • Select system integrator

    Through the platform,

    system integrator provides a quote
    Customers can choose which cooperate with whom.

About us

The most professional industrial automation team

We are a group of friends who have ideals and strength in the field of automation industry.

We want to provide the best automation integration and system consulting in the industry.

Currently, the platform has more than 200 customers, 600 system integrator, and 20 industry consultants from Taiwan.

To provide the best solution.


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