Digorlon Process manage A

Hardware price: less than 15000 USD 

1) It is a data acquisition device that transmits the data of the sensing layer machine or sensor to the server through the standard Ethernet protocol. At the same time, the device does not need to set IP and the SCADA of the server. The software can still retrieve data in both directions by opening the Com port.
2) When the terminal device is a Serial port output connector, DevicePort can output the Serial port to the Ethernet port to solve the traditional RS-232/422/485 communication: cable length limitation and vulnerability to external interference.
3) DevicePort is equivalent to Moxa NPort and Advantech Device Servers, but the cost is much more economical. At the same time, it is free of IP, plug and connect, easy to maintain and more intuitive to learn data.

4. With DevicePort Gateway, you can directly convert the data captured by DevicePort/DevicePort I/O into the data format required by the cloud, and upload the data directly to the cloud to facilitate rapid development of applications on the cloud.